Shane Doherty

My pain

I was always very skinny and weak, never really ate much or did weights. After seeing some of Stephen’s clients getting into great shape I asked him to bulk me up. I was going away that summer inter-railing across Europe and I didn’t want to be uncomfortable taking my top off in public, swimming and all that.

The process

He put me through tough workouts and I learned a lot about bodybuilding and eating more healthy food.

The results

About 3 weeks into the training I felt much better. Then 6 weeks in we took a picture and both our jaws dropped at the difference. My shape was much more built, my arms were bigger, my chest was wider and I felt like a tank. I actually didn’t even want to go on holiday. I wanted to keep training. I was addicted to training with Stephen because of the quick results I got with him. Everyone said I looked much healthier and muscly. Chuffed, I was.

Do you recommend The Shape Up Program?

I 100% recommend anyone to use him for training and food/supplement knowledge.

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